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Community. Love. Grace.

Healing is a gift.

Welcome, dear one. If you have embarked on a healing journey, or are in support of someone who has, join with us as we explore what it means to be in the process of 100% healing.


Through our lived experiences of dis-ease, we believe that full healing is possible, even if it doesn't always look like we think it should. In fact, healing is only truly realized when we attend to more than just the physical. We now believe that chronic illness is an invitation -- or an initiation --into wholeness of body, mind and spirit.


Illness might be the gift we never wanted. It can feel brutal and punishing, but can also show itself as a wise, benevolent teacher -- if only we allow it.


You are not alone.

We have walked this path, and we know the courage it takes. External dis-ease often signals the need for an internal descent into the depths of your heart so that the fractures of the psyche and spirit can no longer be hidden. It will take all of you, and no less, to step into the wholeness that you truly are. 

This journey is yours alone. But, paradoxically, cannot be done alone. 

To fully step into the wholeness of 100% healing, we need each other. And, it is our mission to bring community together -- the kind that does not mire ourselves in fear of illness, but in the healing power of love and grace. To us, these words mean bestowing deep reverence, tender allowing, and unconditional acceptance for all of oneself, including the shadow parts that we are taught to shun. Unconditional love is our best medicine, and it's more powerful than any pathogen, virus, cancer cell, or gene. We are our own healers.


So, please join us as we weave our stories together, binding us to one another in hope, grace and love. May we show each other how to let go of the perfection, to forgo the force, and forget all the un-truths we were taught to believe about ourselves. May we remember who we always were, with a promise to allow ourselves unconditional grace when we have to begin again, and again, and again. 

This is how healing happens. 


We believe, dear friends, that healing of this magnitude is not just for you or me -- but for all of us. Connection spreads our light from one journeyer to another. And, as we heal in community, we spread the gift that illness truly is. So, join us as we share the medicine of love through these stories of the ones who have lit the path. In time, perhaps, your wholeness will be so great that it, too, will serve as a beacon to be shared. 

We are honored to be in community with you.




Beth & Desiree
your fellow journeyers

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