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100% Healing is a Paradox


A Word Pregnant with Meaning.

A Noun -- A Verb -- A Destination --

A Process.

A Happy Word - A Hopeful Word -

an Exhausting Word.

A Tangible Reality imprinted in our


But, one as elusive as catching the wind.

So, what then is 100% healing?

It's a question we do not claim to have the answer to, but can only ask it alongside you.

What healing means to us can mean something different than what it means to you.

And, that's not only's by design.

Because, part of Healing is stepping into your Sovereignty.

Rediscovering and Trusting your Truth with Loving Tenacity.

So, don't just accept our words as Truth. Allow them to be here with your experience and pick up the parts that linger in your belly and respond with a resounding "YES"-- and leave the ones that you'd rather see stay on our page rather than be invited into your Heart.

Once upon a time, 100% healing meant to us that 100% of the symptoms would be gone. And, in our knowing, we believe that will someday be our reality.

But, now, what it means is so much more than that. What started as a little Love-Signature between two friends, "100%" was a mantra we would signal back-and-forth as a reminder of our promise to ourselves and to each other: to never settle for anything less than FULL healing. The kind of transformation that demands Complete Destruction and yields Authentic Revival. One that encourages the Fullness of Freedom, Joy & Peace that we know await us on top of that Mountain---a vision we spontaneously both received where we saw ourselves Fully Healed, Fully Whole, and Together as Friends.

But, it wasn't always this way for us. We didn't get here without first crashing all the way below the ground floor. We could tell you many tales of days we didn't think we would make it. And, truthfully, some days, those feelings still come. But, the difference is that now, we don't stay there. We Allow. We Sit-With. And We Rise.

Our focus has shifted from a myopic view of healing the body. We now see physical healing as an artifact…a by-product…a side effect….realigning with All-That-Is-You. A happy accident that comes after much communing with your WHOLE Self about where the pain snuck into the shadows and stole your inner-knowing like a thief in the night. The unbidden grief, the terror, the rage that found it's way in, but never out. The seeds of powerlessness and trauma that germinated into vines that squeezed out the Creativity, Joy & Eternally Generous Love-of-Self.

100% Healing, to us, would never be satisfied with focusing on just the physical. It's Emotional. Mental. Spiritual. Energetic. Ancestral. How could it be anything other than all of you? But, don't let the totality of it overwhelm you. Let it Dare you, Invite you, Inspire you, and Liberate you.

So, let us leave you with this for now:

100% healing is a Paradox. It is the end point you never reach, but is completely available in the Now. It involves much action but requires a greater allowance of Stillness. It appears to require perfection, but such will take you farther away from it. It might begin and end with the body, but involves more Soul than matter. It is disguised as a brutal punisher, but is the Benevolent Teacher of Unconditional Love & Limitless Grace. A trip to a foreign land, where you finally find yourself arriving Home. It invites you to bring Light to your darkest imperfections, self-loathing and fear. It is the disability created in the body that leads to Unbounded Spiritual Freedom. It is the Greatest Gift you never wanted. It is the journey you rage against and Bow Towards. And, it can only be traversed by You, but is impossible to do alone.

We invite you into the mystery of 100% healing. The Paradox. The Messy.

Through the Turmoil and the Triumph. Let's find that mountaintop together.

And, share some Joy in getting lost and found along the way.

-- Beth & Desiree


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